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Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles are finally starting to get 4K You Tube support this week.The Xbox One X is now able to stream You Tube in 4K, and Microsoft tells us that HDR support is “coming soon.” 4K and HDR are coming to the Xbox One S as well, however it won’t be this week.They sad not all Xbox's will be able to work with the new update.Call Xbox, they are suppose to give you a console if you fall under that category.

Follow these steps to update your Xbox One controller: 1.Solution 1: Clear and download the console update again There might be a problem with the console software update. To solve this problem, try clearing a portion of the update, and then download the update again. i was too busy to look into the red rings thing and i finally fixed it months after it broke, so thats probably why it needed to be updated Maybe you have one of the consoles that can't have the update.They sad not all Xbox's will be able to work with the new update. After the console restarts, sign in using an Xbox LIVE gamertag, and download the update again.

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