Spike jonze dating rinko kikuchi

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Our subjectivity is so completely our own.”Jonze has been married, to writer-director Sofia Coppola – and you have to wonder if Theodore, who begins the film separated from his wife, is something of a self-portrait.

Divorcing Coppola in 2003 – he’s since been linked to actresses Michelle Williams and Rinko Kikuchi – it wasn’t the first time Jonze dealt with the pain of separation.

As far as skateboarding, not only did nobody give a shit, people looked down on it. Nobody gave a shit.”Yet somebody was watching; his early effort s, a twenty-minute reel of skateboarders pulling stunts, led to Sonic Youth hiring him to shoot footage for their promo for 100 per cent.

Since then, he turned the Beastie Boys into ’70s cops for ‘Sabotage’, put Björk in a Busby Berkley-style routine for ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ and made a man with a dog’s head troop through the streets holding a boom box for Daft Punk’s ‘Da Funk’.

As glorious as his career sounds, unfortunately, Spike's personal affairs are a bit controversial.

“Even after years you don’t really ever know how they see or think about the world.The story of how a Los Angeles loner named Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls for his computer’s new Siri-like Operating System, it’s an eerily prescient piece – a Singles for the Smartphone generation.“I think a lot about the way I’m so personally interfaced with technology all the time,” admits Jonze, who already gave At 44, Jonze is in the perfect position to predict the near-future – having lived through the pre-Internet, analogue age.Spike and Sofia met for the first time in 1992 on the set of Sonic Youth music video ''100%''. On 26th June 1999, Spike married to Sofia Coppola after long years of relationship.Sofia is also an American director, producer plus screenwriter and also a daughter of Francis Ford Coppola.

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