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Chinn has collected data dating back to 1999 on more than 1,600 "deadly force incidents" at houses of worship in the U.S, including mosques, synagogues, and Sikh temples.Todd Sandstedt, Supervisory Special Agent from the Colorado Northern Region of the FBI, had three words of advice for the group: Run, Hide or Fight.

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The audience took notes from the experts including one suggestion of a warning system much like the Amber Alert which could flag suspicious people and activities.

Notice the difference in culture, with the heavy Mayan influence and Spanish language.

Enter Guatemala at the northeast jungle Petén region.

Geri and Bob Walters said their church, Grand Junction Church of the Nazarene, installed the system when they found that transients visiting to be fed, were also camping out among the pews.

It’s not like Colorado is immune to tragic and unexpected shootings.“We lost our innocence at Columbine,” Long said of the 1999 murders which jolted the country into realizing that schools were not safe from gun violence.

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