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First off, women should not be flattered by emails on here from much younger men. I've gotten mail from younger men even though I have no photo. Yes, they think you will be so grateful for the attention of a younger man that you will be ready to put out.They think you will be so flattered by this attention that you will engage in sex talk with But my question is, do you think there's any specific reason why these men target older women?Do they (or you, if you're one of them) think we'll be so grateful for the attention we'll be instantly turned on? " Because they are looking for sex, in reality or cyber sex.Essentially, they believe you are lonely and desperate and find them attractive just because they are young. One point: if older women did not so often prove the theory these young guys are operating on, they wouldn't be approaching older women for sex and sex talk.

but if they think that then they have another think coming....It's not that I don't find younger women or women my age attractive, because I do.hehehe, I do have an age range and I do prefer younger men over the ones who are obviously older...full of aches and pains.... 29 years of age is waaaaaaaay to young for me....whereas 45 - yeah - that will do!Most probably are under the sick delusion that "older" women are sex starved and that they have the same fantasy.I just get done posting this and this younger guy e-mails me wanting to sex chat....sheesh.Hmmm, maybe he read this and wants to get to know me...

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