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But neither his flow nor his production can match his competition, some of whom have legitimate skills. Here 's To New Dreams (MCA) boasts a plausible pop hit in 'That's What Little Girls Are Made of." The girl has got a little flow, but the rascally ragga remix is just silly. " which translates roughly — very roughly — as "It's a Bitch Being a Baby." Jordy doesn't actually rap; his producer/ father has patched together snippets of lines over a vaguely club/house track (a technique pioneered by Madonna), new born's Sammy D., at nine years of age the youngest true rapper, sings and rhymes passably well on "Falling in Love" (Relativity), a tale of classroom infatuation told over a very new jack swing. A (said to have attend- ed Beverly Hills High, though Tommy Boy, their label, strenuously denies any connection to the 90210 zip code), drop soon, as does raven SYMONE, the precocious step-granddaughter from "The Cosby Show." Even more cloyingly sweet than her TV character. To the hip hop community, it was always "Rock Steady Park," named for The Rock Steady Crew. To ball players, the park was simply known as "The Goat," named after playground legend Earl "The Goat" Manigault. 140 PROPS Sun Ra: John Szwed remem- bers the wholesome weirdness and mystical message. On the positive side, in the late '70s and early '80s, P. 1 63 gained international, national, and all-city notoriety as a hotbed of youth culture manifested through baskettjall and B- boys. 118 RIDE The Road Warrior: Brandon Ho//ey tracks graffiti legend Lee Quinones and his ten-year journey from subway cars to race cars. With the park doubling as a public urinal and with the abundance of broken Yoo-Hoo, Coco Rico, and Schaefer bot- tles on the ground, it wasn't exactly the place you'd want your daughter playing double-dutch.

Their style is kindred to Das efx, and their music has the halting, bass-heavy feel of a Hit Squad production. By Morales & Bake COLUMNS 106 GEAR Mimi Valdes finds the essence of NYC street culture in PNB NATION'S sportswear. Last year he made the models bare their underwear waist- bands homeboy style. J 1 1 .iai START MY HOOD ROCK STEADY Most inner-city playgrounds have certain things in common. By Charles Aaron The Real Music: Cassandra Wilson By Greg Tate Comic: Riffs, Rap & Butts. Two years ago there were fat gold chains and baseball caps. Dan Winters Interns Christian Druclter, Susan Edwards. Only in New York, though; in the South and the Midwest, they're as cheap as S35! Some of theze scumbag manufacturers make the little lunch-box- size pistols in fun colors and styles to appeal to kidz. Kris Kross and producer Jermalne Dupri (19 at the time) got more than lucky: they scored a platinum single with "Jump," a multi-platinum album with Totally Krossed Out, and made a lot of people worry. rd pay anywhere from 5 to 0 for a handgun of this particular caliber. Get a couple of cute kids, make them wear their clothes backwards, adopt a precociously "hard" attitude, throw in a really good hook, and hope for a novelty hit.

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