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Ancient ruins litter the desert around Shiraz including Pasargadae, the capital of Ancient Persia.Their task will be to define policy and co-ordinate decisions regarding the Internet.Today, hundreds of female political and human rights activists and thousands of brave Iranian girls who joined their men to reject brutality and demand freedom sit in jail helpless.Many have been raped prior to execution as the clerics believe a virgin will go to heaven so the regime wants to deny the prisoners this reward.

It won’t be bad as they are not doing anything illegal.” Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iranian women have been subjected to the cruelest of punishments and have had their rights taken away.

However, millions of women in Iran continue to confront the Islamic regime by not adhering to the hijab rule, by wearing makeup and fashionable clothes, holding jobs, owning their own businesses, getting involved in sports, forming bands and holding underground parties and music events.

Iranian designer Farnaz Abdoli has turned the state-required cloaks into fashion through her clothing line Poosh.

“One of the calamities of our society is that some women do not give authority to their husbands and this is more evident in three groups,” Dehnavi said in explaining the duties of women toward their husbands.

“The first group are those who are older than their husbands and treat their spouses like a mother would, which harms the authority of men.

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