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The Man spent about 0,000 case hardening, soundproofing, and electronic eavesdropping-proofing what we called "The Secure House." The Man spent another quarter million making it very livable, since his intention wasn't to make her uncomfortable, but just keep her from the nomination.I was to tell no one about the plan, and I was the only one he trusted to do the kidnapping and then to "babysit" her for months.

Her husband was already there when she arrived one night. "Do you mind if we take this and copy it and return it to you." "Hey I have plenty more tapes, so unless it has something on it that would be interesting to me just keep it." "Thanks, we appreciate that." Once things calmed down a little, I got Michelle up. " were her first words once she regained complete consciousness.Making sure that the security cameras at The Secure House would catch it all, I dressed in a professional disguise and was waiting when Michelle arrived in front of her house with her two bodyguards. "I just wanted you to take a break from campaigning so I brought you to my house in Georgia." "Who are you?I pulled up the kidnapping vehicle of the same make and model and with the same plates as that of a rival political operative behind her car, got out, injected one of the unsuspecting guards with a knock-out chemical, punched the other one unconscious, put one hand over Michelle's mouth and injected her with the knock-out drug with the other hand, put her in my vehicle, and took off. It was a state cop and two FBI agents who introduced themselves and showed me their credentials. "No officers, I slept like a baby last night and didn't hear anything. "Here, let me show you," I replied, leading them outside to where the camera was located. " "Just someone who is interested in you; my name is Brian." "What are you going to do to me?So that the dear sometimes hyper literotica readers don't get their panties in a bunch when they read this, this story is 100% fantasy and does not, and is not intended to, make any political statement whatsoever.Nor is it intended to in any way influence anyone's position on any political issue or candidate.

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