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LLBN can be viewed on every inhabited continent via satellite and the Internet.LLBN has also spawned two additional ethnic channels, LLBN Arabic and LLBN Chinese.In 1972, Faith For Today moved its format to a weekly dramatic series called Westbrook Hospital (while technically the series had originally been called "Faith For Today"). Then those earlier titled episodes, became combined inclusive within this newly re-titled series in 1975. Thus, not surprisingly missing is their well recognized signature "Westbrook Hospital" opening credit, title sequence video theme song in those early episodes, with attributed various dates for the series beginning have been floated as 1969, 1971, 1972.This drama first characterized the people involved, dealing with every day problems in every day settings, then -circa 1971- the drama later moved to a hospital setting, while continuing to show that Christian virtues such as honesty and love work in the real world.A total of 59 episodes were broadcast.(Reference @ satellite.mcminnvilleadventist.org/shows/series/83).Currently, Faith For Today's programs include Mc Dougall, M. This ministry, led by Mike Tucker, is proud to celebrate its 60th year in broadcasting.As of 2016 Amazing Facts broadcasts mainly out of Sacramento, California.Daniel Lubega is an Omaha, Nebraska Seventh-day Adventist pastor with a radio show on KCRO and a TV show on Omaha Cox Channel 23.

It features Seventh-day Adventist produced programming of music, sermons, cooking, health, documentaries, and coverage of live events 3ABN can be watched via satellite, Internet, mobile devices, Roku, My SDATV and many pay-TV services on every inhabited continent.

AWR's headquarters is in Silver Spring, Maryland with studios throughout the world.

A large portion of the ministry's income derives from membership gifts. A radio network has programming similar to television.

3ABN Radio broadcasts programming from 3ABN Television to listeners at home, work and in their cars with local radio affiliates in United States. A Spanish-language radio network, it has programming similar to television.

3ABN Radio can also be heard on Galaxy 19 satellite in North America and Central America including other international satellites worldwide and around the world via mobile devices, Roku, My SDATV and the Internet. 3ABN Latino Radio broadcasts Spanish-language programming from 3ABN Latino Television to Spanish-speaking listeners at home, work and in their cars with local radio affiliates in United States, Mexico, South America, Puerto Rico, Europe and other Spanish-speaking countries of the world. An Australian division of 3ABN Radio Network, based in West Frankfort, Illinois.

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