Kimberly raye dead end dating 3

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In the process, she also learns a bit more about herself as a person as she discovers that she doesnt have to be hard-nosed, but can open up to people who care about her and even have a close relationship.

Whether it is vampires, werewolves, or even zombies (who knew!

Heavy on European mythology, Wicca magic, and sassiness, Divine by Mistake is richly written, but the tale is a predictable fantasy romance (as predictable as a romance between a shape shifting centaur shaman and a new goddess-incarnate can be).

Shannon finds herself literally in the shoes of Rhiannon, an ill-tempered (and promiscuous) Favored One on the edge of war and about to undergo a handfasting to the centaur High Shaman. Some readers will be able to let the tale wrap them up in a fantasy escape, while others will find Shannon and her story eye-roll worthy.

), readers enjoying dating on the darkside and these are some titles along those lines.

TV reporter Riley Spartz finds herself in hot water yet again in Julie Kramers Silencing Sam.

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