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Experienced campers might expect to hone specific skills and strengthen overall riding confidence.

Intermittent riders, those who attend camps and barn days, will work to regain rusty skills and build new ones.

If requested, we will evaluate a camper's riding level at the end of camp.

The evaluation will be kept on file for one year to be used should a student seek placement in one of our group lessons, a benefit valued at if requested outside the camp venue.

The curriculum teaches the young rider to gain confidence and have fun with horses, while emphasizing barn and horse safety.

The camp experience includes daily riding, primarily on lead line, in order to develop confidence, balance and coordination, and essential skills to move to more direct control of the horse.

Campers ride in one 45-minute (approximately) riding lesson each day (grouped by riding level), and participate in games on horseback, walks and rides on trail, and a final day costume parade, averaging two hours a day in direct horse-related activities.

Campers learn in a safe, relaxed, and fun atmosphere through demonstrations, hands-on barn activities, and riding lessons.Those with little to no experience, including the Pony and Friends campers, will find pleasure in learning the basics of riding and horse care.All campers (Day Camp and Ponies & Friends) are evaluated on their riding skills on the first day of each session in order to be placed into an appropriate level riding group for the week.(Boys and girls younger than 5 and a half years old can participate in weekday Pony Adventure Time (45 min, ages 2 and a half-6), Pony Play-Dates (July 3, 5, 6, & 7, Ages 4-5) or schedule weekend pony rides.) If you have any questions about age requirements or programs, please call 202-362-0117 or email [email protected]

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