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However, Steve felt that wielding the shield was good for Bucky and insisted that he continue on as Captain America until his apparent death in the storyline, Steve will be forced to hand over the title of Captain America to his old partner Sam Wilson, the Falcon, after the Super Soldier Serum is removed from him, turning him into an old man.Notably, Sam is the first person Steve has chosen to wield the shield.Deciding to make the best of their one successful subject, the US government decided to make Rogers an elite counter-intelligence agent who could also be an ideal propaganda mascot to oppose Nazi Germany's frightening head of Terrorist activities: The diabolical Red Skull.To that end, Rogers was appropriately trained and costumed and given a signature shield.

Steve will return to the role of Captain America in the setting with a new shield with new abilities, but Falcon will also retain the title and the original shield, turning Captain America into a Collective Identity.2016 proves to be a rather shocking year for Steve Rogers as in the end of the very first volume of the comic , he uttered the shocking words: "Hail HYDRA".Steve and resumed being the real Captain America, though the latter still somehow existed. In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Captain America is still skinny Steve Rogers-turned buff superhero-turned poster boy for the war effort, but Darker and Edgier.He gets pulled out of the ocean in 2002 instead of 1963, thinks it's a Nazi trick, and breaks out of SHIELD's secure holding facility despite Bruce Banner's insistence that he shouldn't be able to move.Prior to being the Winter Soldier, Bucky was often cited as one of the three people in comics who would always stay dead.Bucky did a pretty good job filling in for Steve, but, this being superhero comics, Steve eventually came back.

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