Dating and intimacy tips

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As sexual relations with a new partner do put people at some physical, social and emotional risk, all people should proceed towards new sexual relationships with caution, and young people especially should take their time and not rush into anything. Consider that your partner will have likely had other partners recently and that he or she may possibly have one or more sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Enjoying an intimate sexual relationship is extremely important for married couples.

Intimacy involves vulnerability; you become more intimate and thus more trusting and open with a person by virtue of the fact that you make yourself vulnerable in front of them and you learn that they will not abuse you.

No matter how much you long for it, you cannot force the development of intimacy.

If you're not comfortable with this person enough to want to be sexual with them then this is just as well.

Read these 18 Sex and Intimacy Tips tips to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser.

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